Inside the Twitter Files: Chasing Down a Lie

A version of this article ran on TruthDAO. A Little Lie pops up in the media when they are forced to acknowledge the existence of the Twitter Files. Or, perhaps, it is just an innocent fact error: that the Twitter censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop exposé in the New York Post lasted only a day or

Twitter Files: Whatever Happened to Just Say No?

TruthDAO A version of this story ran on TruthDAO.news. The 11th and 12th installments of The Twitter Files came out on Tuesday of this week, revealing a new round of startling details of how Twitter executives conspired to censor or otherwise muzzle thousands of accounts at the behest of government officials. All along, one question gnaws at

GameStock! Hailing a New War on Short Sellers

A higher-stakes battle lurks beneath the GameStop kerfuffle and the “Rocky”-like victory of the little guy outsmarting savvy hedge fund billionaires on Wall Street. This could be the start of a war on short sellers. It’s about time. Capitalism is optimism monetized—we invest because we believe great things can happen. Short sellers are the destroyers

The Trump Century

Hello all,  been too long a lapse since I have posted to my own website. Part of the delay owes to lockdown anxiety: preoccupied with finding work that actually pays. ;-> And now this: The venerable television anchor Lou Dobbs, in his new book published this week, “The Trump Century,” makes the passionate yet fact-packed

Pricey Seats and Cheap Shots

            In my many years in New York, taking in a few dozen plays on Broadway, I recently witnessed the most gripping, emotionally rewarding performance of my entire life.  Too bad it ended with an anti-Trump cheap shot.  Or was it?             Broadway, ever shameless in its proclivity for retreading old fare, is staging a

A Face Made for Radio

http://bit.ly/1pB9JMG This ink-stained wretch turned pixel pundit is branching out:  Just did three hours on Glenn Beck’s online radio network, theblaze.com.   Click on the link above and you’ll see a “play” button at top-right of screen; you can listen to all or any part of it.  Main topic:  Obama Bad.  Capitalism Good. Joking, but

ZeroHedge Comments on How to be Jobless

We read ZeroHedge so you don’t have to! Now and then, you get some funny exchanges, albeit ever so rarely. Profanity alert.   Goatboy Rule #11: Kill yourself! World will be so much better without another neurotic, super-ambitious, job-obsessed careerist. Kaiser Sousa i cant stand that bitch made mother fucking banker/wall st. presstitute… Hey Dennis,

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