What’s Bugging Me

The False Myth of Transgender Oppression

The original version of this column ran in the Washington Examiner on April 10, 2023.  Here: http://bit.ly/3Mu82jy. The sad murders of three young children and three staff members at a private Christian school in Nashville have been followed by bitter protests at state capitols, White House commentary, and a swarm of media kowtowing. But this wasn’t aimed

Government Takeover of Twitter is an Outrage

A version of this article ran on Newsmax.com. Two hundred fifty thousand: That is how many Twitter accounts were subjected to censorship review by government officials who were cajoling and coercing Twitter into silencing the views of thousands of Americans, in a brazen and blatant violation of the First Amendment. It is a stunning number

Elon Musk Misled by ‘Idiots’?

By Dennis Kneale Vivek Wadhwa spent years coming to the defense of Elon Musk when critics bashed him on various fronts. Wadhwa, a Silicon Valley advisor, author, Harvard Fellow and Carnegie Mellon professor, has called Musk the greatest innovator of our time. But now Wadhwa, who says he has known Musk for over a decade

The Trump Century

Hello all,  been too long a lapse since I have posted to my own website. Part of the delay owes to lockdown anxiety: preoccupied with finding work that actually pays. ;-> And now this: The venerable television anchor Lou Dobbs, in his new book published this week, “The Trump Century,” makes the passionate yet fact-packed

The Haters on ZeroHedge

“I’ve always been . . . a provocateur.”  That was my opening line in a mini-profile TV spot that CNBC taped with me as part of its “I am CNBC” campaign a few years ago.  Truth in advertising. But I never expected to provoke the firestorm of bitter, mean-spirited, angry reaction that greeted a simple

GS & @BS

You see the headlines this morning?  Publishing titan Simon & Schuster kills six-figure book deal with @GSElevator, the Twitter feed that bashes Goldman Sachs and all of Wall Street. The Twitter account professed to report the real overheard exchanges of rapacious GS plunderers.  It was said to be the puckish work of an anonymous writer

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