A Face Made for Radio

Jay Severin Photohttp://bit.ly/1pB9JMG

This ink-stained wretch turned pixel pundit is branching out:  Just did three hours on Glenn Beck’s online radio network, theblaze.com.   Click on the link above and you’ll see a “play” button at top-right of screen; you can listen to all or any part of it.  Main topic:  Obama Bad.  Capitalism Good.

Joking, but only sort of.

It’s been almost five months since leaving Fox Business Network, and it took me quite an obstacle course to get here:  three separate one-hour tryouts at The Blaze, sitting alone in a booth with headphones on and a mike hooked to a digital recorder.  (Free, in exchange for experience and training).  That led to a couple of dead-on, devastating critiques: nice facts but where’s the humor and passion?  More passion but now how do you feel and who are you?

My advisor, an ace, told me something really clutch:  Radio isn’t “broad”-casting, it’s the most intimate form of mass communication there is, it’s one-to-one.  The people have to feel like they know you.  When you have three hours to fill and an obligation to get personal, unscripted surprises pop up.  Including a glimpse of a spartan childhood, a hint of a family insurance scandal, how I’m feeling after my first unemployment in a too-long career, and the betrayal and disappointment I feel regarding a President who let us down.

Once at a cable network, I told an exec I wanted a talk radio show someday.  “It would never work–you aren’t enough of an asshole,” he told me.  He meant it as a compliment.  I bristled comically:  “Never underestimate how much of an asshole I can be.”  This bit on The Blaze was so much fun, it was great to try something so new on a frontier so forward.  I subbed for Jay Severin, a Blaze host with a spiky persona and spiky hair, which is awfully good casting on The Blaze’s part, gotta say.  Here’s hoping I get another at-bat at the mike.

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