Author name: Dennis Kneale

Former anchor at FoxBiz & CNBC (2007-2014), managing editor of Forbes (1998-2007), senior editor at Wall Street Journal.

My Home Invasion

By Dennis Kneale It happened to me around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday afternoon—a scary intruder entered my apartment, invading my sense of safety and privacy in my own home.  And he refused to leave. At the start, it had the makings of a home invasion. By the finish, it was kind of sad, and the

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A Face Made for Radio This ink-stained wretch turned pixel pundit is branching out:  Just did three hours on Glenn Beck’s online radio network,   Click on the link above and you’ll see a “play” button at top-right of screen; you can listen to all or any part of it.  Main topic:  Obama Bad.  Capitalism Good. Joking, but

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