World Burns, Yet Stocks Roar

Glenn Beck at MicrophoneHey guys, I got to host three hours of talk radio on Glenn Beck’s Blaze Radio Network the other day–and you can thrill to all of it right here on his website: Had less than two hours’ notice to prepare three hours of material.  And at times in the final 30 minutes, you can here me try to quell the panic in my gut as I fear running out of material.  My overall take:  So many parts of the world are on fire–in Iraq, Gaza, Syria, Nigeria, our southern border–yet stocks are trading near all-time highs.  What gives? Some quick bites: “President Obama is the biggest disaster for American business… probably in business history.  He is the bank-bashing populist, the punisher of the wealthy…” “See, the thing about how we feel … is that it dictates how much the economy will grow.  It’s not the reverse, guys … We feel better first, and we start spending more because of it, and then the economy grows.” “And one thing hindering our rebound is, we just don’t feel good enough–and how can we, in part, when we have a President preaching doom all the time?  Telling us the 1% don’t pay their fair share, telling us that companies are evil for going overseas to reduce their  tax bill.  Instead of telling us that government is evil for raising tax rates so much that it’s shipping U.S. companies offshore.  There’s the big problem.” Three hours is a lot of time to fill–and I did all of it standing up, never sitting down at the mike.  Did you know you burn twice as many calories standing up as sitting down?  And it keeps up the energy level.  Now if only I can find a way to get these Blaze folks to ante up:  More, please?  It’s so much fun!

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