3 Hours of Obama Bashing

The Blaze Logo BlogAmerica seems so impotent internationally these days.  Is our nation–and especially the Obama Administration–in need of a giant dose of Viagra to put the spring back in our step?

That was one of the opening questions of my three-hour gig on Glenn Beck’s online radio network, the Blaze Radio Network, on Monday of this week, when I subbed for the spiky-haired Jay Severin.  It turned into 90 minutes of unbroken Obama bashing.

Good times.

Herewith is the entire three-hour show:  All Denny, All The Time. Click this link: http://bit.ly/1s20gvL

Ship it out to your friends–I need the circulation!  (And, apparently, it’s all about my needs.)

Having spent more than six years on cable-TV–where you’d better say what you want to say in 20 seconds or less otherwise you get cut off or interrupted, where the lack of substance and a lack of real knowledge can be palpable yet obscured by the speed and flash of the format–I gotta tell ya:  Talk radio is an unalloyed luxury.

Time to make your point, time to cite actual FACTS instead of just delivering the same old tired ideology, time to mull old issues in new, creative ways.  And tough to pull off:  Three hours of my own content, no producers, no segments, no guests.  It’s quite a test of an anchor’s knowledge, mindset and brain power.

It was so much fun…  Now if only I can turn this into some kind of permanent, part-time gig.

Give it a skim, if you get a chance, wouldya?  Thanks guys…




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