Obama & the House: A Love Story

DK at The Blaze Sept 18 2014Hello all, here’s a link to my three-hour gig on The Blaze Radio Network yesterday:

Among the topics and guests:

—Why did 68% of House Republicans–the guys sometimes deemed as racist for opposing President Obama’s policies–support his request for authorization to arm rebels in Syria, compared with  only 57% of Democrats?

—“No boots on the ground”–are the President’s repeated assurances a sign of weakness and a strategic gaffe?

—Enough analysis.  Talkers aren’t doers, it’s time to act.  A conversation with Lebanese-born Ziad Abdelnour of Blackhawk Partners, who says we already should have bombed oil fields in Syria by now–those controlled by Assad and any controlled by ISIS.

—A conversation with two veterans, one of them gravely injured in Iraq, on a surprising concern:  They worry the U.S. government and Veteran’s Administration may be doing too much to ensure disabled vets get the highest government entitlement payments they can, rendering them dependent on handouts instead of teaching them to lift up themselves.

—Former Hostess Twinkies CEO Gregory Rayburn, a workout artist, on the VA scandal, and how it is disturbing that we haven’t heard any dramatic, sweeping new moves to overhaul the dysfunctional agency.

—Did our Homeland Security tell a bald-faced lie when he said he knew of no reports of terrorist suspects trying to slip into the U.S. at our southern border, or just have no effin’ idea of what he was talking about?  The soundbites will infuriate you.

—How a Clinton-era CIA chief views President Obama: as naive, a constitutional scholar who must deal with thugs, and not understanding just how lethal and dangerous the world really is. I realize no one has three hours to spend on this, but if you use your cursor to skim it, you’ll find fireworks every time you pause. Happy hunting!

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