You Can Dislike the Man and Still Vote for His Policies

He wants you!… to vote for his re-election.

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With less than two weeks to go until the most important presidential election of our lifetime, it feels less like Trump vs. Biden and more like a vote on President Trump: for his policies, or against his character.

This occurred to me the other day after I spoke with a lifelong Republican who had served in the White House of a previous Republican administration. “They” heaved a great sigh. I say “they” not because of some overwrought transgender sensitivity but because I want to be vague on whether it was a man or a woman speaking to me.

They said they were going to vote for Joseph Biden. They were just too fatigued, too worn out by all the Trump traumas of the past four years. “I just can’t stand him,” they added, citing Trump’s combativeness, his inability to turn the other cheek, his many unpresidential utterances. Those tweets!

And this is exactly what the Democrats are hoping millions of Americans will be feeling on Election Day. Resist it. Vote for President Trump because of the hugely successful results of his policies in the first three years of his presidency.

So, I asked this person: How could you? Biden wants to raise taxes on everyone and everything, practically, while the Trump economy boomed on tax cuts and Trump’s unrelenting, can-do optimism. The reason the dimwit Democrats, and CNN and MSNBC and the leftwing media mob, are so obsessed with the Wuhan virus crisis is because they have nothing else to use to defeat President Trump. His stats are simply too good.

“Look at the results of his policies,” I told this Republican, rattling off a few of them:

By Year 2 of the Trump presidency, the U.S. economy was growing at almost a 3% annual rate—50% faster than the average GDP growth of the previous decade. The Federal Reserve had said growth of 2% or less was the “new normal.”

* Personal income in 2019 rose a stunning 6.8%—the highest rise on record. This was more than double the rise in the last year of Obama (2016). Median income rose to $68,700, the highest ever.

* The rise in personal income owes in part to the Trump tax cuts on corporations. The same tax cuts that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to eliminate as soon as they would occupy the White House. When companies pay less in government taxes, they have more money to raise wages, and they do.

* Under Trump the unemployment rate for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women fell to all-time lows. The gap between black and white jobless rates—for 50 years black unemployment always had been twice the rate of whites—narrowed by 20% for the first time ever.

* Trump’s plan for enterprise zones in poor neighborhoods has led to some 75 investment projects and billions of dollars in new money going where it can help the most.

* The Trump tariffs, instead of cratering the economy as the experts predicted, fueled zero inflation, let growth continue, and forced China to make concessions at the negotiating table.

* Our president was right on China—it is the real enemy. The Wuhan virus crisis showed this in blunt terms. Chinese government officials first quashed notice of this new and devastating pandemic—and then threatened to withhold U.S. supplies of drugs and anti-virus masks when President Trump dared to criticize their lack of urgent response.

* After we had lost millions of manufacturing jobs over the previous decades, suddenly we brought home half a million jobs under President Trump. After the China virus crisis, even more jobs are returning. The Democrats said those jobs were gone forever.

Those results are among the most successful for any first term of any U.S. president in our history.

Now we face one of the toughest comebacks ever, to rebound from the ravages of our own self-imposed lockdown over a virus that kills less than 1% of the people under age 70 that it infects. Who better to rebuild America than the builder in President Trump?

To vote against that record seems strange or even ignorant, and all because of the president’s proclivities for being a jerk. For smacking back at those who betray him or criticize him. That’s just Trump being Trump. He always has been this way—and we knew he was this way before we elected him. It also is part of what makes him so successful.    –DK

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